Let us reduce your
business expenses

Decrease Costs | Increase Productivity
Let us reduce your
business expenses

Decrease Costs | Increase Productivity
Let us reduce your
business expenses

Decrease Costs | Increase Productivity
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What We Do

We allow you to be more productive running your business. We take the burden of dealing with your phone providers off you and your employees. We review your bills monthly and suggest ways to save money. We introduce new technology and teach you how to implement it. We handle reducing your phone, internet, trash removal bills and many other expenses.

How Much Can We Save Your Business?

Business TypeAvg. Annual SavingsHigh Annual Savings
Hospital$84,797 $273,903
Agricultural Equipment$44,108 $58,429
Bank$40,921 $61,000
Non Profit Community Organizations$36,247 $36,247
Service Industry$29,915 $95,942
Rural Municipality$27,998 $62,941
Rural County$25,999 $27,423
Logistics$46,032 $62,040
Manufacturing$15,472 $56,092
Commercial Construction$18,832 $36,324
Heating and Air$9,453 $15,084
Supply / Retail$9,389 $21,446
Beer Wholesalers$31,550 $60,127
Small Retail$6,641 $10,083

Services We Provide

Random Name
Monthly Telecom Bill Review

We provide a detailed report that is easy to understand, every month via email.

Random Name
Rate plan Analysis

Our expert staff and support, keep up with the ever changing telecom market, so we can ensure our clients have the best possible pricing for their unique usage habits.

Random Name
Customer Advocate

We act as your advocate. We communicate with the phone company on your behalf.

Random Name
Credit follow up

We request and track credit for billing errors discovered during our monthly analysis.

Random Name
Phone system implementation

We help facilitate the procurement of new phone systems, with trustworthy service providers, and walk our clients through the changeover/ porting process.
(VOIP, PBX, PRI, POTS lines and more)

Random Name
Waste Removal Services

Save money on your trash monthly billing for trash removal.

Our Promise

Alpha will work diligently to find and maintain the best rates for your organization’s unique needs. We will continue to act as a liaison to help you with purchasing and negotiations. We will take the burden of dealing with the phone companies while saving you money and time every month.

Our Process

You’re in charge, we do all the work.

Random Name

We gather a history of your usage and charges.

Random Name

We request approval for changes.

Random Name

We implement changes that result in savings.

Random Name

We monitor and maintain your telecom accounts.

How You Benefit

We save you Time and Money. You can rest assured, knowing that your company pays as little as possible for the services it uses. No more hassle with those complicated phone bills or time consuming calls to an automated 800 number. We represent you and act on your behalf.

Our Compensation

After we complete our monthly comprehensive bill review, we implement discounts and better pricing for your existing services. We simply charge you a percentage of the actual savings you receive each month.

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Service You Can Trust
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We Find the Best Rates
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Helping Your Business Grow
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Comprehensive Solutions
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Elite Team

Testimonial Videos

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Alpha Commercial - Start the Year Off Different
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See How Others Have Found Great Savings


Port City Logistics

"Without hesitation, we would refer Wireless Consultants and Alpha Telecom Expense Management to any business looking to receive a second opinion in their wireless or telecom management. We were introduced to Dan to assist in our wireless and mobile management but we learned that he had valuable insight in telecom and internet management as well. We really appreciate the monthly expense summary with recommendations to continue to drive our wireless bill lower. Dan was the first person we called when we began looking for an internet service provider for our new building because of his team’s knowledge of the communications industry continues to amaze us. Having Dan’s team on our side feels like we have a competitive advantage.”
Tony L Wiggins Jr, CPA, CFO
Port City Logistics

TriGreen Equipment

"I would like to take this opportunity to speak about our relationship with Alpha, T.E.M.. We have been working with Alpha for several months to get out cell phone service in line with the market place. Alpha has gone above and beyond to help us make this possible. They have helped us realize savings and value that we did not think were possible based on our relationshop with our cell phone vendor.
At the beginning of our relationship, I must admit I was a bit hesitant. After many conversations with Daniel, I grew to realize that he along with his company was of high character and able to meet our needs. I look forward to continued growth with Alpha. I wholeheatedly give them my recommnedation without any hesitation."
Jonathan Adams
Director, Budget and Finance


"We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Alpha for exceeding Northland's expectations in managing our wireless accounts and assisting with changes and upgrades. Over the last year and a half, Dan Host and his team's expertise has helped Northland significantly reduce its wireless costs and save thousands of dollars."
Dan and his team are a pleasure to work with and are always looking for ways the most cost-effective solution for Northland's wireless needs. We look forward to working with Alpha, LLC in the future and would not hesitate to recommed their services to other businesses.
Rick McElwee
VP, Controller

Mississippi Ag Company

"I am pleased to be able to write this letter to express my gratitude to Wireless Consultants for their incredible service and exceptional results. Dan has shown a commitment to providing first class service in managing our wireless accounts and also finding new ways to save us money. Very seldom do you find an organization whose genuine concern for their client exceeds their own interest in financial gain.
We have partnered with Dan and his team over the last two years and we are looking forward to that continued partnership in the future. We have found that Dan and his team embody the same values that we endeavor to represent in our company each day. Quality service, Commitment to their clients, Innovative ideas, and Integrity.
I highly recommend Wireless Consultants to anyone that is looking for quality service, excellent people to work with, and to save money."
Kyle Fulcher

Blanchard Equipment

"We would like to take this opportunity to share what a positive business relationship Blanchard Equipment and Alpha have enjoyed over the past several years. Our management team has found Dan Host's expertise and input to be invaluable to us in managing our telecommunications systems, and assisting us with planning our future business systems and upgrades.
We at Blanchard have been fortunate to have experience tremendous growth in recent years throughout our nine (9) John Deere franchise locations. We have very strong John Deere presence in Georgia and also acquired three locations in South Carolina in 2011. With each new store acquisition there is an obvious need to assess the telecom systems in place, and thus be able to determine what updates and service improvements might be necessary. With Dan's help, we're not only been able to re-work and improve our communication circuitry between stores, but also strengthen our interface with Deere's corporate server structure as well.
As we've continued to expand our Blanchard operations, enhance our store-to-store systems and our interface with John Deere, Dan's insight has proven to be extremely helpful. He is always respnsive in supporting our current business need and is clearly committed to finding the best and most cost-effective solution for whatever project is at hand. As an example, Alpha helped us save capabilities as well. With Dan's help, we were also able to resolve our existing VOIP server issues; he is Equipment's relationship with Dan has been one of excellent collaboration, and I would not hesitate to recommend Alpha's services to other businesses. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me."
Matt McMahon
General Manager & CFO

Appling Healthcare

"Appling Healthcare Systems has been a clint of Alpha for over two years. We are very pleased with the interaction and the work that they have done for us. We were completely surprised by the amount of savings they found for us. They worked hard to find every dollar in phone expense that they could reduce. We knew there were opportunities for savings in our phone service, but we did not know how much we could save untal Dan Houst and his team came in and worked with us. Alpha saved our hospital over a quater million dollars per year. These reductions in expenses were much needed in the current healthcare environment. Alpha continues to keep an eye on our bills and sends us a detailed report monthly. Anyone who wants to save money should let Alpha help them. They are honest, helpful and very good at what they do."
Raymond Leadbetter, CEO

Byrd Heating & Air Conditioning

"One of the struggles that I have managing a business is having the headache of dealing with our wireless plans, bills, and phones to make sure we are getting the best rate plans and prices on equipment and accessories. I have been through three different providers and didn’t get much in the way of support from any of them. After a certain time period with each of them, my bills kept creeping up and up to the point I just wanted to throw my hands up.
Then Dan Host came knocking on my door with what I thought at the time was a “too good to be true” offer. I have been dealing with Wireless Consultants for almost three years and since then have become a valuable resource for us. I am currently paying 1/3 of what my bill started out as and that is with more lines and twice the amount of data that I started with. In addition they are always available when I need to make changes to my account or make an order for an immediate need which has always been to me the next day.
For any business small or large I would definitely recommend the services provided by Wireless Consultants and if you have any questions please feel to contact me at (912) 233-6764."
Matthew C. Chance

Canoochee Transport, Inc.

"I had always considered myself pretty savvy when it came to dealing with our communication services. I always watched for any types of deal and plan promotions, and kept a tight watch on all our employee phone usage. I discovered when we gave Dan Host and Wireless Consultants a try over two years ago that I was a fool.
Despite all my attempts to get us the best deal for the best price Dan was still able to come in and slash our mobile and landline bills nearly in half. I have never dealt with a company so honest and so dedicated to my company’s needs. Any question, concern or change I may need, they are just a phone call or email away. Every month they keep a tight watch on our bills, ALWAYS trying to find new ways to save us money, even after two years. Wireless Consultants haven’t rested on their laurels, they are always there and always saving us money.
The cold hard fact of the matter is, even taking into account their modest fee, there is no way a normal business man would know the ends and outs of the telecommunications world to get a better deal on their own, not even close. If you want to save money and avoid having to deal with the poor support most telecom companies employee today the solution is simple, Wireless Consultants. You will never regret it."
Eric Alan Hendrix - CEO
Canoochee Transport, Inc.

City of Millen

"I'd like to take this opportunity to let you know how much I appreciate all the work you and your staff have done for the City of Millen. Through your efforts we have saved $1,161.16 per month on our telephone and internet services.
You and your staff have been easy to work with and have been very responsive to our requests. As you promised, at our first meeting, you have provided professional and attentive service to our needs and fought to ensure that we were cotnpletely satisfied with our new services. The process has been smooth and certainly financially rewarding for us.
Thank you again and rest assured that I will strongly recommemd your company and service to anyone. Any potential clients can feel free to call me at the above number and I will be glad to answer any questions they might have concerning your services."
H. Lamar Faircloth
City Manager

Climate Controllers

"We, Climate Controllers, use Dan Host/Wireless Consultants for several of our bills and accounts including our work phone and pe-rsonal phone. Dan is successful in saving our company thousands of dollars a year. He does this for a very modest and fair price of a percentage of your savings therefore it obviously pays for itself. Dan is very easy to work with and will do his best to save you the most money possible. l would strongly recommend he and his company to anyone!"
Jordy Turner

Coastal Georgia Area Community Action Authority

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the services that you have provided to Coastal Georgia Area Community Action Authority, Inc. over this past year. For years I have known that the services that our agency was receiving from the various telephone/telecom companies did not equal the payments we were making each month. However, we did not have the staff or the expertise necessary to rectify the problem.
Since partnering with you, I have been amazed at the savings we have been experiencing. It is a huge relief to know that I have someone who can analyze our invoices on a monthly basis and ensure that we are receiving the best deal/discount available. You and your staff have made it possible for our agency to attain savings in an area we could not have done on our own. In this economic downturn and time of uncertain funding, this is extremely important to me.
In addition, your standard of promptness has ensured timely resolution of any problems we may have encountered. I feel comfortable knowing that no matter what situation may arise, alii have to do is just "Call Dan. He will take care of it". Thank you for being a true partner to this agency."
Tres Hamilton
Executive Director

Comcast Business

"I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how wonderful it is to work with you and your company. It is nice to work with a vendor that is well versed in coordinating the changeovers for internet and phone. From small to large multisite switchovers, you have always handled things in a very professional way and follow through on what you say you will do. I will be happy to recommend your services as I come across businesses that can benefit from them. Thank you so much, I really appreciate everything you do!"
Coy Watkins

Copper Construction Company

"I am writing this letter in reference to Wireless Consultants. I would like to take the time to say that this company is very honest and diligent in checking our bills every month and getting us the best discounts available for us. They are always there if I send an email needing help. I would recommend them to anyone wishing to save money."
Wendy McDonald
Copper Construction Co., Inc.

Dabbs-Williams General Contractors

"Brad and I are very pleased with Wireless Consultants and of course, the savings. I, especially, am thankful for Wireless Consultants… I still have the same procedures and process that I did before we contracted your services; however, knowing that our account is analyzed and monitored by Wireless Consultants has lifted a tremendous burden."
Ronda Williams
Dabbs-Williams General Contractors

Daniel Brick

"I would recommend Wireless Consultants to anyone with multiple cell phones. I have always known that I could save some money on my wireless service, but I didn't know how to do it and didn't have the time to do it. Dan knows all the ins and outs in the wireless business. He found me the best deal for my company and saved us almost 50% on our bill. He also helped us save 30% on our land line phones through AT&T. He has saved me money and time, and I have complete confidence that I have the best deal for my company. I have known Dan for over 5 years and he is an honest, hard working guy. He has always done everything he told me he would do. I don't think you can find anyone more pleasant to work with."
Emmett 0. Daniel, Jr.
Vice President

DeLoach-McKerley Funeral Home & Cremation Service

"Several years ago I was approached by a gentleman who works for wireless consultants at a chamber of commerce function called 'coffee before hours". He told me about his business and what they were all about. He made me realize that we were paying entirely way too much to AT&T for dial tone. He and the rest of his team gathered my information concerning telephone (dial tone), internet connection and cable tv and found a great deal for me. They are very educated in this field. They know the right questions to ask when negotiating. With the help of wireless consultants we have saved over 40% on our phone bills this year.
PS: the dial tone sounds the same no matter who is wiring it into your building."
Jason McKerley
Deloach-McKerley Funeral Home

Edmund Burke Academy

"We have been associated with Wireless Consultants for several years. Dan Host and his colleagues were referred to us by a local business. Our communications bill had become such a disarray of confusion, complexity, and chaos that I made the decision to give Dan an opportunity to monitor our bills. I can honestly, and without doubt, say this decision was one of the best business decisions we have made as a school. Wireless Consultants saves us hundreds of dollars every month. We were able to eliminate unnecessary charges and have many fees waived. Dan was also instrumental in assisting us in combining several phone/internet lines to remove confusion as to which line is performing a specific duty. Our bill is now clean and easily understood.
Our experience with Wireless Consultants was so positive and fiscally sound that my wife and I contracted with Dan for our personal business. Dan cut our store's conununication bill by more than fifty percent and has handled a change to a more cost efficient service provider. I strongly recommend Wireless Consultants to all kinds ofbusinesses. Telecommunication has become an essential part of operations and Dan Host is a professional in cost control. I have also enjoyed working with Dan due to his relationship with Christ and the uplifting words he passes along to his customers. It is refreshing to see a business that is based on such strong principles. I know your relationship with Dan will be as beneficial and positive as the relationship we have with him at Edmund Burke Academy."
W. Brent Cribb

Emanuel Medical Center

"Wireless Consultants quickly reviewed all of our phone services and made changes that led to immediate, significant cost savings and improvement in services. We continue to use them as advisors and liaison to all of our phone service providers. I highly recommend Dan Host and Wireless Consultants to any business that needs to take control of complex and expensive phone services."
David Flanders
CIO, Emanuel Medical Center

Evans County Board of Commissioners

"I would like to issue this letter as a recommendation for Dan Host and his business, Wireless Consultants. We have been doing business with Dan for about one year now and have been totally satisfied with the level of service he has provided Evans County. He has displayed tremendous knowledge of the telecommunications business, and he has been able to save us over 36% on our largest phone bill. I would highly recommend his services to anyone. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need additional information."
Caughey Hearn
Evans County Administrator

Evans County Sheriff's Department

"Thank you for the time and work you devoted toward the development of the technical interoperability with our blackberry devices for our Intelligence Led Policing Operation. The systems we use, based upon your guidance have been exemplary. The advice and training you provided has proved to be of great benefit, not only in the utility of the products, but in the savings as a result of your efforts. In difficult budget times every penny counts. Moreover, government has a responsibility to improve service and reduce cost whenever possible. You have been very helpful in this endeavor."
Randall Tippins

Handi Houses

"I am writing to express my extreme satisfaction in working with Wireless Consultants the past couple of years. Not only are they cordial and friendly, but they have saved us money every month on our phone bill since we have been using their business. Don’t let that friendliness fool you though; they are tenacious in finding you the best deals! But here is the best part, after delving into our accounts, they found that we were paying an absurd amount of money to our phone company for a line that we didn’t need and that was outdated. Because of their tenacity, we were given a compensation check from our phone company for $42,000.00 dollars for the money that we had paid for this unnecessary line. I cannot express the contentment I find in saving my company money while having someone that knows the business do the legwork for me."
Bonnie Gowen

HFW Distributor

"I would like to issue this letter of recommendation for Daniel Host of Wireless Consultants, LLC. I started doing business with Daniel about 13 months ago and he has performed very admirably during this time. I especially like the one on one verbal communication we have concerning our phone & internet monthly invoices and the recap of each of these bills which are emailed to me in a timely manner. Daniel has cut our phone bill by 55% since he and I had our first initial conversation and we are still looking for ways to trim this down even further. I would highly recommend him as a valuable consultant to any business.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions."
Miller M. Weeks
VP Sales - HFW Distributor

Olive Branch Landscape

"Olive Branch Landscape has had the privilege of working with Dan Host for the past year. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical in the beginning of whether or not a wireless consultant could really save our company money or be worth my time; however, all of my concerns were to put rest the very first month.
Our first month of savings totaled over $300.00! I would have been satisfied with just the savings; however, the time I had spent previously mulling over cell phone bills was completely eliminated as well! Anything that saves time and money is well worth giving it a try.
Dan takes care of everything. He sends me monthly reviews of our account. He responds to all of our questions promptly. He lets me know if any employees are using cell services that do not fall within the parameters of their limitations. He always suggests additional cost cutting avenues, and he keeps us abreast of any deals we could utilize with our current service. For example, he recently notified us of a 40% off commercial tire purchase we qualified for because of our wireless service account. He had no idea we were in need of replacing tires on two work trucks at the time, and we had no idea we qualified for the program.
I cannot say enough good things about this service. I truly can't imagine not having this for our company. I would not only encourage, but implore any business to utilize Wireless Consultants, LLC. This truly is a great service for all businesses, no matter the size."
Mike Williams


"I’m writing this letter to thank Dan Host and Wireless Consultants, LLC for the work they have done for Optim Medical Center in Jenkins County. We utilized them to negotiate and consolidate old and outdated services and contracts at the hospital and surrounding clinics. They were prompt, courteous, and always kept us in the loop when it came to communications between the vendors. In the end, we were presented with a quote that was substantially lower than our current cost and reduced from five (5) different bills to one (1). I would highly recommend any company that needs existing services re-negotiated or consolidated to speak with the employees at Wireless Consultants, LLC."
Jamey A. Bland
Network & Systems Technician / Web Admin / IT / DBA

PCF Construction

"P.C.F. Construction started using Wireless Consultant Dan Host in January of 2011. In this day and age where time is money people are always looking for ways to save on both. We found an amazing one! We have been more than thrilled with not only the amazing savings we have received each and every month but the personal attention, help, and care he shows with every matter. Dan has not only saved us well over 50 percent on several of our communication bills, equaling to several thousands of dollars a year. He has saved us tons of time by doing the research and leg work for us. When we get our bill we know it is the best price we could have gotten! He has become our communications guru and a friend to us all! Anytime we have had a question he is always extremely prompt and happy to help. If you are interested in wonderful savings and excellent customer care for your companies communication needs you are looking in the right place! We fully and completely recommend you try his services! You will not regret it!"
Michelle Clements
PCF Construction Inc.

Tri-Circuit Drug Task Force

"Tri-Circuit Drug Task Force has been a customer of Wireless Consultants, LLC for several months. As a result, Daniel Host has been able to reduce our phone bill tremendously. Mr. Host stays in touch with me to ensure the continuation of our savings.
I would strongly recommend using Wireless Consultants, LLC if you are interested in trying to save money. Should you have any questions please feel free to give me a call at the above number."
Joan Boyd
Tri-Circuit Drug Task Force

US Network

"I, the undersigned work at US Network, Inc. as a Sales Manager. This letter is being written to you on behalf of Daniel C. Host, President/CEO of Wireless Consultants, LLC who has worked with me on many telecom projects for small, mid-sized and large business accounts. During the entire period that we have worked together on these telecom projects, Dan has been an invaluable asset and always works on behalf of his customers with their best interest in mind.
US Network is a Master Solution Provider for AT&T and Centurylink and we also represent many of the National CLEC's. My company has been in business for 23 years and during my long career at US Network, I have never partnered with a better company than with Wireless Consultants, LLC. They build long term, trusting relationships with their customers, which is most impressive. They work hard to make sure that their customers are provided with a reliable telecom network at the best possible price.
I highly recommend working with Wireless Consultants, LLC. Dan and Wireless Consultants LLC will make it easy for you to do business with them, because they care and work diligently on your behalf. Every business account that we have worked with jointly are satisfied and happy customers! Wireless Consultants LLC is the company that can help you with all of your business needs and you will not be disappointed.
In case you have any queries you can contact me at the following address and phone number."
Kristine Rivers
Sales Manager

Wall Timbers

""This letter serves as my highest recommendation for Wireless Consultants’ Services. I met Dan Host several years ago when I was handling the administration for a landscaping company. I was skeptical, but intrigued by Dan’s services. It turned out to be one of the best financial decisions I made for the company. Once Wireless Consultants was on our team, our monthly charges were reduced by almost half. In addition to the cost savings, the service was second to none. Any issues or questions I had regarding our service was handled immediately with a knowledgeable human being, not just an aggravating automated service. Ordering new devices and replacements became easy as opposed to the time-consuming hassle I had previously dreaded. Several months ago, I took a job with a large trucking company to oversee all of their administrative functions. Wireless Consultants was the first phone call I made. I told the trucking company owner of the benefits I had already experienced. He was more than happy to give it a try. Not only has Wireless Consultants’ services reduced the trucking company’s monthly cellular bill by one-third, their monthly spreadsheet, which itemizes each individual drivers’ monthly charges, has allowed us to recoup money from drivers for non-business related usage. Previously, we were unaware of the personal downloads, 411 charges, premium texts and other functions some employees were taking advantage of. Even though these charges appear on the monthly bill, we did not have the manpower to devote to combing through it. Now, Wireless Consultants does this for us and sends us a simple spreadsheet each month. With Wireless Consultants, we now pay less each month for our cellular service, receive reimbursements for employees for personal usage, have no time waiting in line at the local cellular office, and get immediate answers if we have any issues. Every company can benefit by having Wireless Consultants on its team."
Amy Lawson
Administrative Coordinator

Community Hospice

"Community Hospice acquired the services of Wireless Consultants (Daniel Host) some months back and has seen significant savings every since. Both our wireless as well as landline phone costs have been reduced while services have remained the same or have been improved. Daniel Host and his team works relentlessly to insure that all appropriate discounts, credits, and etc. have been presented correctly on our phone statements. I have also found it useful to allow Dan and his team to be the liaison when ordering equipment from our carrier as well as advertising in the area phone books. Wireless Consultants expertise ofboth the wireless and land line phone networks is exemplary. I have been very pleased with the results produced by Wireless Consultants and Daniel Host. I would highly recommend his services to everyone.Please feel free to call me for a formal reference."
Jason Colbert, CHPCA
Chief Executive Officer

Pope Construction Company

"Pope Construction has been using Wireless Consultants for the past twelve months; we have been extremely pleased. Dan has been able to cut our telephone cost each month and we are very satisfied with the results. He is always quick to respond when we have questions about our service and equipment. We would definitely recommend Wireless Consultants to review your telephone bills for monthly savings."
Bill Vickery

Southern Eagle Distributing

"I highly recommend Wireless Consultants. I was very hesitant when Dan first contacted me because I thought it was just another Verizon support guy trying to get us to upgrade all of our lines for him to get commission. That has never been the case. He has truly saved us money. He and his team have always been very helpful and patient. They are always available and go over and beyond to help our company in any way they can. We have had the pleasure of doing business with them for a few years now and so far saved us on average $5,000 each month on our wireless phone bill. They are all a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with them in the future. He truly loves his job by helping save his customers money."
Amy Cone - Executive Assistant
Southern Eagle Distributing

Advanced Metal Components, Inc.

"I am writing to recommend the services of Wireless Consultants. I have been a customer since 2011, and I have been extremely pleased with the service that Dan Host and his team have provided. Since contracting with Wireless Consultants, my company has saved approximately 20% on our landline and mobile phone bills. In addition to the savings, Dan has provided sound advice regarding technology upgrades and changes to our service plans.
Wireless Consultants has assumed the responsibility of overseeing our telecommunications accounts, leaving us the ability to focus on our core business. It’s like having an “inside man” with the carriers.
I wholeheartedly recommend Wireless Consultants."
Doug Brown - President
Advanced Metal Components, Inc.

Candler County Board of Commissioners

"When Daniel Host came by, we thought we were getting the best deal on phone lines, cell phones, pagers and lines. With his policy of no pay unless he saves the county money, we agreed to let him review our charges. Daniel found approximately four hundred dollars a month in extra services we did not need. The county has been well pleased with Daniel's service and would like to recommend him to you."
James R. Flynt
County Administrator

Candler County

"The Candler County Sheriff's Office contracted with Wireless Consultants in an effort to lower our Southern Line expense and to identify any waste in our Southern Line service. Wireless Consultants lowered our monthly bill considerably. The Sheriff's Office later moved our service to Verizon. Wireless Consultants efficiently transferred our service to Verizon, which resulted in even more savings for a better service. Wireless Consultants - knowledge of the telecom industry made our transition easy. The Candler County Sheriffs Office would recommend Wireless Consultants to any government agency who wishes to save money and time."
Sheriff Homer Bell
Candler County

Canoochee Transport, Inc.

"I had always considered myself pretty savvy when it came to dealing with our communication services. I always watched for any types of deal and plan promotions, and kept a tight watch on all our employee phone usage. I discovered when we gave Dan Host and Wireless Consultants a try over two years ago that I was a fool.
Despite all my attempts to get us the best deal for the best price Dan was still able to come in and slash our mobile and landline bills nearly in half. I have never dealt with a company so honest and so dedicated to my company’s needs. Any question, concern or change I may need, they are just a phone call or email away. Every month they keep a tight watch on our bills, ALWAYS trying to find new ways to save us money, even after two years. Wireless Consultants haven’t rested on their laurels, they are always there and always saving us money.
The cold hard fact of the matter is, even taking into account their modest fee, there is no way a normal business man would know the ends and outs of the telecommunications world to get a better deal on their own, not even close. If you want to save money and avoid having to deal with the poor support most telecom companies employee today the solution is simple, Wireless Consultants. You will never regret it."
Eric Alan Hendrix - CEO
Canoochee Transport, Inc.

Offering Personalized
Service to Every Client

Every organization is different with unique needs,
so every one of our clients gets a personalized monthly audit.


Experts in the Telecom industry who focus on saving you money and time.

We take pride in helping companies save money on their day to day cost of doing business. Each of our consultants has at least 14 years experience in Telecom and dealing with business needs. We work for you, not the carrier, so we always have your best interest at the forefront of each decision we make.

Leadership Team


Dan Host

Founder & President


Rick Hutchison

General Manager


Brant Lowe

Chief Operating Officer


Charles Eunice

Project Manager


John Kitchens

Account Manager


Dan Host

Founder & President

Work Experience

August 2009 - Current

President, Alpha T.E.M., LLC, Statesboro, GA
We audit, and reduce monthly bills for Government, Medical, and business. We take the responsibility of bill review from the business owner, and allow them to run their business with the confidence of knowing they are getting the best monthly price for their usage, and needs. We act as your purchasing agent, when our clients need to get new services or devices. We suggest changes when they are needed, and walk them through the learning process. This allows our clients to get the most for their hard earned dollar. We also review bills monthly for errors and we follow up on problems and credits. This allows the business owner to be more productive and save money while getting the expert advice they can only get from honest people who have been in the telecom industry. Our business design turns the tables on the vendors; we have the knowledge to make sure our clients are pushed through every discount and loop-hole available. We help our clients to get back to what they do best, Running their business!

8/01 – 10/09
Southern Co., GA
B to B sales and account management for large business segment. Government Account managment and sales.

2001 – 2006
Georgia Southern University - College of Business Administration (Bachelors in Economics)
At GSU, I enjoyed the opportunity to learn in a small class setting with some great Economics teachers. I think being a parent and working full time at Southern Company made school a bigger priority than when I was a freshmen right out of high school. I am glad I took some time to start a business and get real life experience before finishing my last two years of college. I actually feel like I retained the things I learned. I know I have to put a good bit of my finance and accounting classes into my day at work. I run my business, and I don't believe in letting someone else run my books. I am glad I had the opportunity to study business at GSU.

1/99 – 4/03
Owner, In-Touch Communications, Statesboro, GA
Wireless Phone store, on Georgia Southern university campus. I was the owner. I started this company while I was a student at GSU. I sold wireless service, and accessories to put myself through college. I sold the business for a profit after starting work with Southern Company. I still run into people who remember me, helping them get their very first cell phone. Some say they still have the same number I sold them over 10 years ago.

1990 – 1993
Parkview High School, Lilburn, GA
High school graduate.

Volunteer Experience
New Covenant Church Statesboro and Men's group leader.


Rick Hutchison

General Manager

Work Experience

10/10 – Current

General Manager, Alpha T.E.M., LLC, Statesboro, GA
Alpha T.E.M. are experts in the Telecom Industry who focus on saving small to large company’s money and time on their telecommunications to reduce the day to day cost of doing business.

8/94 – 9/10
General Manager, Northland Communications, Inc. – Southeast, GA
Northland Communications is a large multiple system operator of cable television systems, based in Seattle, Washington. The southeast region is a 50 employee, 4 office organization. Reported to Vice President.

9/88 – 8/94
Resource Development Engineer, Grinnell Corporation, Statesboro, GA
Grinnell Corp., a subsidiary of Tyco International Ltd., a $1.2 billion company, became the largest fire protection company in the world when it acquired Wormald International Ltd. in 1990. The Statesboro foundry employed over 500 and manufactured a wide variety of valves, pipes, couplings and fittings.

8/85 – 9/88
Production Manager, Statesboro Cable Advertising
Statesboro Cable Advertising led the nation with the successful launch of a cable television advertising and marketing division. The company gained national prominence with its sales volume, creative and high quality TV production and innovative operations.

8/80 – 8/85
Vocational Instructor, Statesboro High School, Statesboro, GA
Statesboro High School is the largest high school in Bulloch County.

8/70 – 8-80
Vocational Instructor, Various Bulloch County Schools
Bulloch County implemented Vocational Training programs in 1970. Classes began at William James High School with students from other Bulloch County Schools being bused to this location.


Brant Lowe

Chief Operating Officer

Work Experience

2013 - Current

Major Account Manager, Alpha T.E.M., LLC, Statesboro, GA
I review and maintain all of your telecom bills monthly to ensure that you are using only the services that you need.

8/09 – 5/11
Graduate Assistant, Georgia Southern University
I aided professors in the Political Science Department with grading, class attendance, research, etc...

6/08 – 5/09
Georgia Southern University - Financial Aid Student Support Specialist
I answered phones, returned calls, answered any questions that students had, and assisted in projects in the Financial Aid Department.

2009 – 2011
Georgia Southern University
M.P.A., Public Administration

2005 – 2009
Georgia Southern University
B.A., Political Science

2005 - 2009
Georgia Southern University
B.A., Philosophy


Charles Eunice

Project Manager

Work Experience

2017 – Current

Project Manager, Alpha T.E.M., LLC, Statesboro, GA
Charles joined Alpha T.E.M. as Project Manager in 2017 after retiring from Rayonier at the end of 2012..

2000 – 2012
Controller (2000-2010) & Project Manager (2010-2012), Rayonier – Southeast, GA
At Rayonier he was the Financial Controller of the Jesup, Ga. Mill for 10 years. He was responsible for all financial activities for a manufacturing facility with revenues in excess of $500 million and capital projects of $80 million annually. While at Rayonier, he was Project Manager for the implementation of an $8 million integrated database software that manages $85 million of maintenance expenses at the Jesup, Ga. and Fernandina mills. Charles began his career with Rayonier as Manager of Cost and Budgets at their Wood Procurement division in Baxley, GA.

1996 - 2000
Management Consultant for Elixir Industries (Gardena, CA)
Installed Oracle ERP software to replace legacy systems at Elixir Industries manufacturing plants nationwide during their Y2K initiative.

1969 - 1996
General Manager, Controller, and Cost Accountant for Tyco International, Grinnell, and ITT
Prior to joining Rayonier, he served in numerous upper level management positions during 27 years including General Manager, Controller, and Cost Accountant, for manufacturing plants with Tyco International, Grinnell and ITT. He has extensive experience in Manufacturing, Budgeting, Forecasting and Financial analysis. Charles served as past Presidents of the Board of Directors and Foundation of Ogeechee Technical College in Statesboro.

1968 - 1969
Military Background
He was an Officer in the U.S. Navy after graduating from college.

1963 – 1968
Education & University
Charles graduated from Georgia Southern with a BBA degree majoring in Accounting.

Personal Life
He is married with one daughter and very active in his church. He currently resides in Statesboro, Georgia.


John Kitchens

Account Manager

Work Experience

2012 – Current

Major Account Manager, Alpha T.E.M., LLC, Statesboro, GA
John joined Alpha T.E.M. in 2015.

2002 – 2012
Military Service
His professional experience includes nearly a decade of military service as an Infantry Unit Leader in the U.S. Marines. After multiple combat tours to both Iraq and Afghanistan, John was medically retired with an Honorable Discharge and transitioned back to civilian life.

2012 to 2017
Bachelor’s & Master's Degrees, Georgia Southern University
He then pursued two business degrees from Georgia Southern University, earning both his MBA and a BBA degree in Human Resource Management and Information Systems. While in graduate school he worked as a Career Development graduate assistant. Within this role he taught clients how to successfully promote and market themselves by implementing an understanding of resume writing, appropriate dress, interviews, and professional demeanor.

2013 - Present
Volunteer Work, Security & Senior Vice Commander
John is actively involved in his community and volunteers as security for the Kids Ministry of his church. Additionally, he serves as an officer in the local VFW post and advocates for all military veterans and their families.

Education & University
He currently lives in Statesboro, Georgia with his wife, two children, and German Shepherd.


Carter Luciani

Client Advocate

Work Experience


Client Advocate, Alpha T.E.M, LLC, Statesboro, GA
Discover the clients who would most benefit from a partnership and introduce them to ALPHA-TEM. Communicate companies business goals and assist in determining who's a great fit for a partnership!

2016 to 2019
Cardiovascular Systems Inc
Clinical Specialist/Sales Support: Supported and educated healthcare accounts across territory. Supported Cardiac and Vascular surgeons in the OR, responsible for identifying education needs among staff and executing training programs.

2011 to 2019
Augusta State University/Harry T. Harper School of Cardiac and Vascular Science
-Licensed in Cardiovascular Invasive Specialty (2011).
-Worked in cardiac cath lab in Savannah GA (2013-16).
-Picked up by medical device company (CSI) to do sales/account support (2016-2019).
-Currently, finishing a Bachelors Degree at Georgia Southern University in Cellular and Molecular Biology.
Volunteer Experience
-Spearheaded highly successful groups that "give back" to those who need a voice when catastrophe strikes.
-Started Carter's Cancer Crusader Camp, an NPO which has raised over 90k dollars for single mothers with breast cancer. We aim to give hope and buy time.
-Started Tybee Strong, a grassroots community organization who has provided the city of Tybee Island with resources and assistance in the wake of disasters. Most notable acheivement: used social media to rally hundreds of volunteers and tens of thousands of dollars for those affected by Hurricanes Matthew and Irma, helping to gut, clean, and rebuild flooded homes for the areas most devastated by flooding. Our movement gained so much traction that we wound up garnering national attention for our small island, moving FEMA to partner with us as their "Eyes on the Ground" for Tybee Island.
Personal Interests
I enjoy spending time with the boys, reading, travelling, and playing at the beach.


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