Mobile Device Management (MDM) was created resultant of businesses demand for more scalable, effective and comprehensive ways to centrally manage multiple mobile devices–such as phones, tablets and mobile laptops–seamlessly. Businesses may have a variety of technologies in place, employees covering innumerable different tasks, and practices that need to be conducted in a very specific and meticulous manner with even potential oversight. Such business necessities and practices are often covered under Mobile Device Management.

MDM may be deployed in a variety of ways, such as in practice or as a platform, and usually includes a collective approach of these products and services (i.e. software and guidelines). Looking to keep consistent and updated applications on your employees devices? Want to ensure your employees have proper mobile security, but also exercise safe usage of their devices? Need to be able to offer remote technical support? These are some of the fundamental strengths of MDM and why your business might find it to be an ideal solution.

So, how do you get MDM? Alpha offers Mobile Device Management included as part of their services. Yes, it’s that simple. We don’t want to stop at finding you savings: we also help our clients find solutions to improve and maintain their technologies, ensuring continued business savings and efficiency over time. This is part of our commitment and one more way we look forward to serving you.

Contact Alpha today to find out more about Mobile Device Management and to see what savings we can find your business.

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